May 22, 2024
disney world travelling

Packaging is important. Just forget about the important item, and you will be disappointed in trying to find things in the nearest store. Or pack too much and you will have to end up with heavy and unsystematic baggage, and then shit! Pay money for expensive baggage fees. So, to solve this difficult part, here are the five most basic and useful packaging rules that every traveler must learn before buying cheap tickets to Disney or anywhere in the world.

Create packing list

Drawing up a Disney packing list is always helpful. Begin the filling process a few weeks before the departure date; This gives you time to make a complete list of all the necessary items, plus you can also buy some important things you may need during your vacation. Creating a list for all packaging devices is also a sure way that you will not forget to bring something important.

Minimize toiletries

Sort the list according to what you absolutely need. The hotels offer so many amenities that you can live off the land with shampoo and soap. If you wear makeup, wear less or in small containers to use the space for other vital things. Or just put on your earplugs and a set of your favorite eyeshadows to help you relax.

You should use these headers as a template and complete what you need to take, in the end, everything is different!


Now this advice is twofold: pack in layers and use in layers. For example, your outfit on the road should be full of layers that will help you enjoy any weather with style and comfort. Or you can simply adjust the flexibility depending on climate change, if you are planning to take a trip that leads you to several climate zones, then you can simply add or remove one as needed. In addition, it is important that the items in your bag are packed in neat layers for easy inspection and light weight.

Roll what to fold

Rolling is much better than folding. According to many travel experts, well-folded clothing takes up less space than folded clothing. In addition, they are also less likely to have deep wrinkles of folded and wrinkled clothing.

Make room for important travel documents

Collect all the necessary documents in the travel document organizer, which has a passport, documents, identification card, including credit cards, boarding pass and pen. This will help you make sure that everything you need to get from one place to another is in one place.