July 17, 2024
Amazing Places You Should Look Forward While Your Next Ohio Vacation

Ohio is located at the heart of the Midwest United States. It is known for its natural borders and has been shaped since time immemorial by the Ohio River and Lake Erie. The state is popular among couples of all ages who are looking for a much-awaited romantic vacation. With pristine natural beauty, interesting cityscapes and charming countrysides, Ohio has a lot to offer!

Whether you and your better half are here for the weekend or for a long break, you are in for a treat as there are lots to see in Ohio. In the following section, we have put together three of the most popular destinations in the state.

Lake Erie Islands

The islands are located within the namesake lake and are accessible to the public via ferry rides from several locations along the coast. Most of the islands are public but there are some owned privately. Visiting these requires permits and memberships. Among the public islands, the one that can be considered as the cherry on top is Kelleys Island. Once you reach  there, make a straight move to Glacial Grooves State Park that was created by moving glaciers on a bedrock made of limestone. As soon as you get off at the ferry dock, don’t forget to look for a signboard that point towards the Inscription Rock. It is of particular interest to those who are looking for native petroglyphs.

Amazing Places You Should Look Forward While Your Next Ohio Vacation

Holmes County

Holmes County is located on the Eastern part of the state and is home to narrow lush green valleys, breathtaking yet steep hills. It is an agricultural hub that is known not only for its stunning scenery but also for being the epicentre of Ohio’s Amish Country! One of the many reasons why you should pay Holmes County a visit is it is a great place to let loose and shop till you drop! It is also popular among the masses for handcrafted hardwood furniture, homemade jams, cheese, etc. Don’t forget to head to the city of Berlin as it is home to the Sistine Chapel of the Mennonites and the Amish. The city offers guided tours and a spectacular cyclorama.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the only National Park in Ohio state. The park is located a little outside of Cleveland that can easily be accessed via a short drive. The park is known for its pristine Cuyahoga River. It is also home to steep hills, deep shaded gorges, and sandstone ledges. Some of the most unique aspects of the park are it is home to an astonishing 70 waterfalls and more than 200 miles of well-maintained hiking trails. The park is also known for the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. The railroad has several stations and once you board the train on a beautiful afternoon with your loved one then you can enjoy all the National Park has to offer in a short span of time!